How many billionaires in the world? (2023)

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How many billionaires exist in the world 2022?

According to Forbes, we have 2,668 billionaires in the world as of 2022 - but who are the 10 richest people amongst them? Here are the world's top 10 richest people, what they are known for and what their worth is.

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Who is No 1 richest man in world?

Key Takeaways
  • Bernard Arnault, co-founder, chair, and CEO of LVMH, is the richest person and the richest man in the world with a net worth of $172.9 billion. ...
  • Behind Arnault is co-founder and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk.

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How many Trillionaire are in the world?

Currently, no one has yet claimed trillionaire status, although some of the world's richest individuals may only be a few years away from this milestone.

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Which country has the highest No of billionaires?

There are a record 735 billionaires in the U.S., which remains the leading country for billionaires.

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Who was the first billionaire?

John D Rockefeller was the top oil tycoon of the 19th century, and his savvy business decisions made him tremendously wealthy.

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Which city has most billionaires?

New YorkUnited StatesNorth America
Hong KongHong KongAsia
LondonUnited KingdomEurope
6 more rows

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Who has the most cash in the world?

No.NameNet worth (USD)
1Jeff Bezos$131 billion
2Bill Gates$96.5 billion
3Warren Buffett$82.5 billion
4Bernard Arnault$76 billion
6 more rows

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How much is Donald Trump worth?

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Who is the richest family in America?


The Walton family's wealth began when Sam Walton established the first Walmart in 1962. Today, Walmart is the largest retailer in the world with over 12,000 stores.

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Where is 90% of the world's wealth?

The pyramid shows that: half of the world's net wealth belongs to the top 1%, top 10% of adults hold 85%, while the bottom 90% hold the remaining 15% of the world's total wealth, top 30% of adults hold 97% of the total wealth.

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How many female billionaires are there?

328 women

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Why is Qatar so rich?

Today, Qatar has the world's third-largest proven natural gas reserve, after Russia and Iran, and is the second-largest exporter of natural gas. Oil and natural gas account for more than 70% of total government revenue, more than 60% of gross domestic product, and roughly 85% of export earnings.

How many billionaires in the world? (2023)
Who was the richest person alive?

On Bloomberg's Billionaires Index, Musk is solidly in first place with a net worth of $171 billion. Arnault sits in second with a $166 billion net worth.

Who was a trillionaire in history?

1. Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan one of the most fearsome conquerors of all time, and by the end of his life the Mongol Empire occupied a vast empire from Central Asia to China. Much of the wealth came from plunders, taxes and control of caravan routes along the Silk Road and provide the Mongols with valuable revenue.

Who is the oldest billionaire alive?

He was the world's oldest billionaire after the death of David Rockefeller in 2017.
Chang Yun Chung
Died4 September 2020 (aged 102) Singapore
Other namesTeo Woon Tiong
Alma materXiamen Datung College
3 more rows

What is the wealthiest place in the world?

New York – the wealthiest city on earth

It is also home to the world's two largest stock exchanges by market cap (the Dow Jones and NASDAQ). Perhaps most notably, total private wealth held by the city's residents exceeds USD 3 trillion — higher than the total private wealth held in most major G20 countries.

Where do the world's richest live?

Billionaires by City
RankCityNumber of Billionaires
#1New York City138
#2Hong Kong114
#3San Francisco85
11 more rows
Sep 15, 2022

Which is the richest place in USA?

New York City — home to more than 345,000 millionaires — is the wealthiest city on Earth, according to a new report.

Whats the biggest waste of money?

What Are the Biggest Wastes of Money?
  • Paying Additional Fees.
  • Living Beyond Your Means.
  • Always Opting for Extended Warranties.
  • Too Much Bulk Buying.
  • Routinely Choosing Convenience Over Savings.
  • Impulsive Buying.
  • Failing To Budget Your Money.
  • Not Comparing Prices Before Buying.
Jul 15, 2022

What is the biggest money bill in the world?

Measuring in at roughly the size of a sheet of legal paper, the world's largest single banknote is the 100,000-peso note created by the government of the Philippines in 1998.

What is the largest bill of money?

The Federal Reserve Board currently issues $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 notes. The largest denomination Federal Reserve note ever issued for public circulation was the $10,000 note.

What jobs will make me rich?

Jobs that better your chances of becoming a millionaire
  • Professional athlete.
  • Investment banker.
  • Entrepreneur.
  • Lawyer.
  • Certified public accountant.
  • Insurance agent.
  • Engineer.
  • Real estate agent.
Feb 4, 2020

What jobs make you millionaire?

Top 15 Careers That Can Make You a Billionaire
  • Investment banker.
  • Author.
  • Athlete.
  • Entrepreneur.
  • Lawyer.
  • Real estate developer.
  • Surgeon.
  • Inventor.
Jul 25, 2022

What is the fastest way to rich?

6 Steps to Become a Millionaire by 30
  1. Start Saving Early. The easiest way to build your savings is to start early. ...
  2. Avoid Unnecessary Spending and Debt. Stop buying things you don't need. ...
  3. Save 15% of Your Income—or More. ...
  4. Make More Money. ...
  5. Don't Give in to Lifestyle Inflation. ...
  6. Get Help If You Need It.

What do billionaires do for fun?

Sports, boating, and travel are also popular pastimes among the richest people in the world, according to Wealth-X. The hobbies of the richest billionaires are different from billionaires with net worths under $5 billion; billionaires worth $5 billion are more active in philanthropy, art, and aviation.

Can a billionaire go broke?

Can billionaires become bankrupt? Usually, billionaires and their teams are smart enough to protect their wealth. However, unfavorable situations can make them bankrupt. Adverse economic scenarios, bad investment decisions, or fraud can make billionaires to file for bankruptcy.

Is it easy being a billionaire?

It isn't easy to become a billionaire especially if you haven't already made millions. You will need time, patience, investment savvy, and entrepreneurship to become a billionaire unless you are born into a family with billions that you stand to inherit.

What is Taylor Swift's net worth?

Taylor Swift has an estimated net worth of $450 Million in the year 2022. She has built her million-dollar empire through music records and singing tours.

Who is the wealthiest royal family?

Richest royal families from around the world
  • Richest royals. ...
  • #7 The royal family of Brunei. ...
  • #6 The royal family of Thailand. ...
  • #5 The British royal family. ...
  • #4 The royal family of Abu Dhabi. ...
  • #3 The royal family of Qatar. ...
  • #2 The royal family of Kuwait. ...
  • #1 The royal family of Saudi Arabia. Net Worth: $1.4 trillion.
Nov 25, 2022

Who are the 3 wealthiest families in the world?

  • ↓ Name Walton. Company Walmart. Wealth $224.5bn. ...
  • ↑ Name Mars. Company Mars. Wealth $160bn. ...
  • ↑ Name Koch. Company Koch Industries. Wealth $128.8bn. ...
  • ↑ Name Al Saud. Company N/A. ...
  • ↓ Name Hermes. Company Hermes. ...
  • ↓ Name Ambani. Company Reliance Industries. ...
  • ↑ Name Wertheimer. Company Chanel. ...
  • ↑ Name Cargill, MacMillan. Company Cargill.
Oct 28, 2022

Who is a richest president?

The richest president in history is purported to be Donald Trump. His net worth, however, is not precisely known because the Trump Organization is privately held. Truman was among the poorest U.S. presidents, with a net worth considerably less than $1 million.

How much is Elon Musk worth?

How much is Kanye West worth?

It's $3.3 billion since no one at Forbes knows how to count.”

Who is the richest woman in the world?

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers

Who is the richest US citizen?

Top 25 richest Americans
RankNameDate of birth (age)
1Elon MuskJune 28, 1971
2Jeff BezosJanuary 12, 1964
3Bill GatesOctober 28, 1955
4Larry EllisonAugust 17, 1944
21 more rows

What is the lowest net worth of a country?

1. Somalia: GDP per capita of USD 303 in 2026
  • Central African Republic: GDP per capita of USD 624 in 2026.
  • “The Central African Republic is at a critical crossroads.
Oct 11, 2022

Which country owns the most assets?

United States

Which country has the biggest gap between rich and poor?

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Wealth Inequality (World Bank Gini index):
  • Suriname - 57.9%
  • Zambia - 57.1%
  • Sao Tome and Principe - 56.3%
  • Central African Republic - 56.2%
  • Eswatini - 54.6%
  • Mozambique - 54.0%
  • Brazil - 53.4%
  • Botswana - 53.3%

Who is the youngest lady billionaire?

Kanika Tekriwal, 33 with her net worth of ₹420 crore iterates the perks of starting young and the immense possibilities which are out there today for young entrepreneurs.

Who is the youngest billionaire in the world?

Alexandr Wang is the youngest self-made billionaire as of November 2022, according to Forbes. At the age of 25, Wang is estimated to have a net worth of $1 billion. His San Francisco-based artificial intelligence company, Scale AI was valued at $7.3 billion earlier this year.

Who is the richest kid of Dubai?

As the son of billionaire Saif Ahmed Belhasa – one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the UAE – Money Kicks has grown up living a lavish life. He currently lives in a sprawling mansion which has become a tourist attraction frequented by many A-list celebrities.

Are there poor citizens in Qatar?

Employers often take passports from workers, preventing them from escaping brutal conditions. Additionally, some workers have gone with little to no pay. This has led to hundreds of thousands of people living in labor camps, where disease and poverty are rampant.

Can you drink alcohol in Qatar?

Drinking alcohol is not illegal in Qatar, but these rules severely limit its overall consumption. The legal drinking age in Qatar is 21, and proof of photo ID is required at the hotels or bars where alcohol consumption is permitted.

Does Qatar pay its citizens?

Qatari citizens enjoy tax-free incomes, high-paying government jobs, free health care, free higher education, financial support for newlyweds, housing support, generous subsidies that cover utility bills and plush retirement benefits.

Who is first billionaire in the world 2022?

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla SpaceX company, who is of American origin, comes first in the world's Richest man in the world today. If we talk about his total assets, then according to him he has 250 billion-dollar assets.

Which country has most billionaires 2022?

Top 10 Countries With The Most Billionaires 2022. As of 2021, the US is home to the highest number of billionaires in the world with 724, followed by China with 698 billionaires and India with 237 billionaires, as per Forbes. TraceWho Are G-20 Member Countries?

Who are the Top 5 billionaires 2022?

Here's a list of the top five billionaires of 2022 and their achievements.
  1. Bernard Arnault – $161 billion. ...
  2. Elon Musk – $140 billion. ...
  3. Gautam Adani – $120 billion. ...
  4. Bill Gates – $109 billion. ...
  5. Jeff Bezos – $107 billion.
Dec 26, 2022

Who is the youngest billionaire 2022?

Kevin turned 20 this month and became a billionaire through his father, Guenther Lehmann, who made his son a billionaire at 18. This was through a stake transfer in the German drugstore chain Drogerie Markt to Kevin when he was 14.

How do rich people live?

Many millionaires, for example, allocate their time differently — they spend more time focusing on personal growth, planning for investments, and working, and less time sleeping. They also gravitate toward similar wealth-building strategies, like saving as much as they can and bringing in multiple income streams.

Where do the most millionaires live?

These are the world's top 10 cities with the highest number of...
  • New York. The financial capital of the USA, New York, tops the list with 345,600 millionaires. ...
  • Tokyo. ...
  • San Francisco Bay Area. ...
  • London. ...
  • Singapore. ...
  • Los Angeles. ...
  • Chicago. ...
  • Houston.
Sep 20, 2022

Where do most billionaires live in USA?

As of March 2022, California was the U.S. state with most billionaires, with 186 billionaires calling the state home. New York was second, with 135 resident billionaires which was a larger jump over third-placed Florida, with 78.

How many billionaires are in Dubai?

Dubai ranked 25th among countries with the highest number of individuals with ultra-high net worth, with almost 18 billionaires. In addition to the names of UAE billionaires, you might also be interested in finding out who they are and how old they are. If so, continue reading.

What is Donald Trump's net worth?

Forbes estimates it at $3.2 billion as of October 26, 2022, with Trump making much higher claims. Trump inherited wealth from his father, and he has also made money from fundraising, real estate ventures, hotels, casinos, golf courses, and Trump-branded products including neckties and steaks.

What is the richest company in the world?

This list comprises the world's largest companies by consolidated revenue, according to the Fortune Global 500 2022 rankings. American retail corporation Walmart has been the world's largest company by revenue since 2014.

How to be a billionaire by 25?

Starting at 18, when you graduate high school, means you would need to earn $391 per day to make it to $1 million by age 25. What about if you don't start until you graduate college? Then you need to earn $685 per day, assuming you graduate at 22 years old, to become a millionaire by 25.

Who is the richest person under 40?

The youngest person on the newly released Forbes 400 list of richest Americans, 29-year-old Sam Bankman-Fried, has amassed an astonishing $22.5 billion fortune thanks to the rapid growth of FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange he founded two years ago in Hong Kong, and his own crypto investments.

Who is the richest youth?

The young boy is the son of multimillionaire Nigerian internet celebrity Ismailia Mustapha, who is popularly known as Mompha. The 9-year-old boy goes by the name Mompha Junior and was given his first mansion when he was 6. He was given the mansion by his father.

How many millionaires in the world?

The total net worth of all millionaires stood at $158.261 trillion.
Regions by number and percentage of millionaires.
Numbers (in thousands)62,483
Percentage of world total numbers100.0
As percentage of total adult population1.1
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